How To Make Women Squirt

Making A Girl Squirt ?
 how to give a girl a squirting orgasm

Works like magic

I recently received an email from a guy wishing that he would have found The Female Squirting Orgasm Blueprint sooner in life…

He said it might have saved his marriage…

The funny thing is, I get emails like that all the time.

Guys will go through The Blueprint, and it becomes clear to them what was missing in their failed relationship…

An intense level of sexual satisfaction for their woman…

Most never realized how sexually starved they were keeping their ex.

Which then leads to all the “normal” problems people have in relationships getting amplified, and blown out of proportion.

And after a long enough period of time with no improvement in the love department and “normal” problems continuing to become major fights, the relationship hits a breaking point and ends.

So you may be thinking…

“But Jason, there’s more to making a relationship work than just a hot love life…”

Yes, of course there is…

However, when everything “between the sheets” is firing on all cylinders, all the other “stuff” that makes a relationship work (like two-way communication, a deep level of trust, and the ability to settle disputes peacefully) just seems to fall into place…

…Kinda like magic.

The reason is, when you master how to give your woman the most mind numbing orgasms she’s ever had, you’re also subconsciously learning how to love and respect her on a deeper level than you ever thought possible.

The best part is, her love and respect for you will shoot through the roof too!

And that, my friend, is what great relationships are made of.

More Info Here

Talk Soon,
Jason Julius

 how to give a girl squirting orgasms

PS: She squirted!

Check out this great story from a Blueprint customer.


I can’t believe it, SHE SQUIRTED!

I bought your videos and have been slowly working on my 35 year old wife’s mind and body.

She didn’t believe she could squirt.

I used all of your tips, physical and mental.

Long story short, she squirted, and it was definitely an ejaculation because it poured out all over me.

Recently, she has been squirting more often.

The other day she decided on her own to masturbate to try and make herself squirt, and she did!

It’s awesome, and she was so happy.

You’ve made two very happy customers and a happily married couple happier!!


Pretty cool, huh?

…You know, watching your woman squirt her heart out is one of the most amazing things you will ever witness…

And the look of pure satisfaction on her face after it’s all done, will fill you with more joy than you could have ever imagined.

If you still haven’t experienced this for yourself, you really are missing out.

For less than a night out on the town, you can enjoy watching your woman have a sheet soaking orgasm tonight and every night after…

Sounds like one hell of a deal to me…

More Squirting Orgasms Info Here

Talk Soon,
Jason Julius

female squirting orgasms


How To Make Women Squirt


How To Make A Woman Squirt

How To Make A Girl Squirt

How To Make Her Squirt


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Making A Girl Squirt

How To Make Her Squirt?

how to give a girl a squirting orgasm


Squirt juice… [Q and A]

I thought I’d do a little question and answer…

Today’s question is…

“What is the fluid that a woman squirts out during a female ejaculate orgasm?”

A great question indeed…

First off, it is NOT urine… I repeat, it is NOT urine.

It is its own type of fluid. 

Scientists have analyzed it and found that the fluid contains something called prostate-specific antigen, or PSA for short.

This is a significant finding, because do you know where PSA is found elsewhere?

In male semen…

This leads many scientists to conclude that female ejaculate fluid comes from something called the Skene’s gland, which is basically the female equivalent of the male prostate.

Female ejaculate fluid also contains glucose, which gives it a sweet taste. 

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a squirting orgasm, you know what I’m talking about. 😉

Unfortunately, from a scientific standpoint we don’t know much more about the actual fluid itself, but hopefully in time, as a society, we will become more comfortable with our own sexuality, and more research will take place.

The thing I can say for 100% certain is squirting orgasms do exist. All healthy women are capable of having them, and they are one of the most powerful orgasms you can give your woman.

If you haven’t yet gotten your woman off with a sheet-soaking orgasm, then I highly recommend going through The Blueprint and learning how.

The first time your woman releases the floodgates will be an experience you’ll never forget.

And I can say from experience that, as a man, nothing will give you more pleasure than knowing your woman is FULLY satisfied after a hot lovemaking session.

I guarantee it…

Get started with The Squirting Blueprint Here

Talk soon,
Jason Julius

squirting female orgasms

This made me LOL

I receive success stories every single day from students of The Female Ejaculation Blueprint, and subscribers of my newsletter and I love reading them all.  But every now and then one stands out.

Check out this one:

“I tried one of your tricks, and my wife of
12 years said it was like the first time she
had cake!

I didn’t think what you were saying was very
true.  I mean, I have finger-banged my wife
for years, and when I read your post about
how to do it, I was like, yeah right!

I had to apologize to my wife for the lack
of good sex for the past 12 years. Thank you,

** My Response **

I gotta admit, I’ve never heard of orgasms being compared to eating cake, but I suppose it makes sense when you think about it. LOL

I’m glad DJ gave the techniques a chance…

I don’t blame him for being skeptical.  Hell, even I had my doubts when I first heard about this stuff and the kind of orgasms women are capable of having.

The truth is you have to be cautious of whom you listen to these days with all the crap flooding the Internet.

Anyway, I thought you might get a chuckle out of that success story.

If you’re still feeling skeptical that’s okay.  That’s why I offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on The Squirting Orgasm Blueprint.

You can feel comfortable trying out the techniques for a full 60 days with no risk.

If they don’t work for you, you don’t pay. 

It’s as simple as that.

Test-drive The Squirt Orgasm Blueprint for a full 60 days here.

Talk soon,
Jason Julius

Female Ejaculation

How To Make A Girl Squirt

How To Make A Woman Squirt

Making a Girl Squirt

How To Make Women Squirt


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+++ – how to make her squirt

+++ – make women squirt

How To Make A Girl Squirt

Wonna Make Her Squirt Tonight?
how to give a girl a squirting orgasm

Don’t Be A Jerk

Hi I’m Gabrielle Moore… Renowned Relationship And Sex Expert…

The following is an email that I received from a woman who wanted me to warn you to only use my squirting orgasm blueprint for good, not evil…

** Email from Mary **

Hi, Gabby. I write you with an overwhelming sense of sadness and frustration. I met a man who I hit it off with. Everything was great–and then we were intimate.

It was the single most remarkable night of my life. I thought I had experienced “good sex” up to that point, but this one night dimmed everything from my past.

I had one squirting orgasm after another. It’s as though once the floodgates were opened, there was no stopping it!

I’m still in awe that my body is, or ever was, capable of such ecstasy. I am a 43-year-old woman. I can’t believe what I’ve been missing for so many years.

The sad part is this… The man who brought this night to the place he did for me turns out to be married, not separated as I had thought (and was told). Worse for me, he has no intentions of leaving his wife.

My heart and body feel defeated. Teased. Lonely. I beg you to emphasize something to the men out there who read and follow your material…

The ability to take a woman to a place like that is virtually spiritual. It is so beyond words to describe the ecstasy a woman feels.

If used properly, the technique could be THE most powerful tool in your sexual belt! It’s game-changing. It’s LIFE-changing.

However, if not used properly, it is a weapon. I feel so lost and devastated by the fact that this man won’t be a regular part of my life.


** My Response**

My heart goes out to Mary…

The man who led her on, thinking he was separated and then proceeding to give her the best orgasms of her life with no intention of ever being with her again is a total and complete jerk.

It breaks my heart to hear stories like this…

Mary’s right. Giving your woman a squirting orgasm is like a spiritual awakening of sorts, and it has the power to make any woman fall head over heels for you.

That’s a lot of power…

The truth is, I have no control over how you’ll use your new powers after going through The Blueprint. I just hope you’ll do the right thing.

Please use this power responsibly.

how to give a girl squirting orgasms







Talk soon,
Gabrielle Moore


PS: Shortcut To Squirting Orgasm Pro Tip

Sometimes the hardest part of getting your woman to squirt for the first time is getting her to relax and release the ejaculate fluid when she has the orgasm.

The reason is that, to her, the sensation of the ejaculate fluid building up may feel very similar to needing to pee. (even though she doesn’t have to)

For obvious reasons she’s not going to want to let it flow when she’s uncertain what’s going to come out.

For these situations, here is what I recommend.

Have her use the restroom beforehand and totally empty her bladder; then when she feels the “needing to pee” sensation during stimulation, she’ll know it’s not pee but female ejaculate fluid.

And she can feel free to open the floodgates.

I know you want more tips and techniques…

Good news…

You can get everything I’ve got right here.

female squirting orgasm






Peace out,
Gabrielle Moore


How To Make A Girl Squirt

How To Make A Woman Squirt

How To Make Her Squirt

How To Make Women Squirt
Making Any Girl Squirt

How To Give A Girl A Squirting Orgasms


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