How To Make Her Squirt

Squirting = Stress Relief?
female squirting orgasm

Hi I’m Gabrielle Moore, Famous Relationship And Sex Advisor…

Did you know that a squirting orgasm is one of the best, if not THE best, stress relievers for your woman?

Yep, it’s true…

And my new friend Darcy just experienced it firsthand…

Check out the email she just sent in.

**Email from Darcy**

Using the techniques learned from you (thank
you, BTW!), not only did the bedsheets get
soaked, but I  had nonstop orgasmic
convulsions for 2 hours “afterwards” with no
additional “touch”… I was actually praying
they would stop 😉

I literally filled a cup halfway with the
in-between convulsion-induced squirts.

Finally when they did stop, my body was so
relaxed I couldn’t move a muscle!

I’ve never felt a stress relief like that

Is this normal?

** My comments **


What Darcy experienced is 100% completely normal.

In fact, when you get that orgasm momentum flowing through your woman, it has the potential to last for hours afterwards, with no physical stimulation required!

Full-body orgasms done right will leave your woman in a perpetual state of body-relaxing, mind-numbing bliss.

But it’s not all about her…

Let me tell you…

Very few things in life can make you feel more like a true MAN than being able to give your woman mind-melting pleasure beyond her wildest dreams.

And that feeling of pure sexual confidence you have in yourself is priceless.

It starts with these techniques that can’t be found anywhere else.

Talk soon,
Gabrielle Moore

how to give a girl a squirting orgasm

PS: One orgasm at a time is not enough, Nikki wants more…

A common occurrence after going through The Blueprint and learning how to give your woman amazing full-body squirting O’s is she’s going to want to “experiment” more and take things even further.

Which is awesome; getting adventurous in the bedroom is always great fun…

Check out the question I got from Nikki, who just recently learned how to squirt using the techniques she and her boyfriend learned. 

**Email from Nikki**

I have learned so much from you about squirting orgasms, and they have been wonderful. 

I experienced this for the first time with my boyfriend a few months ago…and yeah…we sure do have to put the towels down and change the sheets often!

But, now I want both the G-spot O and the clit O at the same time. 

Is this possible? 

Wanting It All,

**My Response**

A great question…

And, hey, I can’t blame her for wanting it all. Once your woman learns what her body is capable of, she’s going to want to explore all possible orgasmic experiences…

The answer to her question is, yes!

Having a G-spot O and a clitoral O at the same time is called a blended orgasm and can be VERY powerful.

It’s also quite easy to pull off…

Personally I like doing a blended orgasm with G-spot stimulation along with giving my woman oral pleasure.

All you need to do is combine one of my G-spot techniques from module 5 of The Blueprint with the way I’m going to teach you to go down on your woman in module 7.

You just might want to wear goggles, because you’re going to get wet 😉

Get access to The Squirting Orgasm Blueprint here

Talk soon,
Gabrielle Moore

squirting female orgasms


How To Make Her Squirt

How To Make A Woman Squirt

How To Make A GIRL Squirt

How To Make Women Squirt
Making A Girl Squirt


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