How To Make A Girl Squirt

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how to give a girl a squirting orgasm

Don’t Be A Jerk

Hi I’m Gabrielle Moore… Renowned Relationship And Sex Expert…

The following is an email that I received from a woman who wanted me to warn you to only use my squirting orgasm blueprint for good, not evil…

** Email from Mary **

Hi, Gabby. I write you with an overwhelming sense of sadness and frustration. I met a man who I hit it off with. Everything was great–and then we were intimate.

It was the single most remarkable night of my life. I thought I had experienced “good sex” up to that point, but this one night dimmed everything from my past.

I had one squirting orgasm after another. It’s as though once the floodgates were opened, there was no stopping it!

I’m still in awe that my body is, or ever was, capable of such ecstasy. I am a 43-year-old woman. I can’t believe what I’ve been missing for so many years.

The sad part is this… The man who brought this night to the place he did for me turns out to be married, not separated as I had thought (and was told). Worse for me, he has no intentions of leaving his wife.

My heart and body feel defeated. Teased. Lonely. I beg you to emphasize something to the men out there who read and follow your material…

The ability to take a woman to a place like that is virtually spiritual. It is so beyond words to describe the ecstasy a woman feels.

If used properly, the technique could be THE most powerful tool in your sexual belt! It’s game-changing. It’s LIFE-changing.

However, if not used properly, it is a weapon. I feel so lost and devastated by the fact that this man won’t be a regular part of my life.


** My Response**

My heart goes out to Mary…

The man who led her on, thinking he was separated and then proceeding to give her the best orgasms of her life with no intention of ever being with her again is a total and complete jerk.

It breaks my heart to hear stories like this…

Mary’s right. Giving your woman a squirting orgasm is like a spiritual awakening of sorts, and it has the power to make any woman fall head over heels for you.

That’s a lot of power…

The truth is, I have no control over how you’ll use your new powers after going through The Blueprint. I just hope you’ll do the right thing.

Please use this power responsibly.

how to give a girl squirting orgasms







Talk soon,
Gabrielle Moore


PS: Shortcut To Squirting Orgasm Pro Tip

Sometimes the hardest part of getting your woman to squirt for the first time is getting her to relax and release the ejaculate fluid when she has the orgasm.

The reason is that, to her, the sensation of the ejaculate fluid building up may feel very similar to needing to pee. (even though she doesn’t have to)

For obvious reasons she’s not going to want to let it flow when she’s uncertain what’s going to come out.

For these situations, here is what I recommend.

Have her use the restroom beforehand and totally empty her bladder; then when she feels the “needing to pee” sensation during stimulation, she’ll know it’s not pee but female ejaculate fluid.

And she can feel free to open the floodgates.

I know you want more tips and techniques…

Good news…

You can get everything I’ve got right here.

female squirting orgasm






Peace out,
Gabrielle Moore


How To Make A Girl Squirt

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How To Give A Girl A Squirting Orgasms


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